How it Works

What is is a classifieds website bringing together people(Advertisers) who need Odd Jobs done and people(OddJobbers) who are passionate about helping others!

Our role as a website is to connect Advertisers & OddJobbers and they can work out the job details between themselves! – We do not take any payment for the job, we don’t supervise the work, we don’t provide any insurance or assurance of the quality of work.

The same principles apply if you were hiring someone from any directory or their own website. We highly recommend that all advertisers carry out due diligence when choosing someone that they have the right experience and ask for references.

I want to Post an OddJob

You most certainly can! All you gotta do is Register for an account which takes 2 seconds!. Then you can post as many OddJobs for FREE quickly and easily. Simply add details of what you need done, it can be something small or not s0 small! – add the budget if you want a fixed price or hourly rate and the location.

Buy some credits and you can choose to upgrade your OddJob to Urgent, Feature on the Homepage or Feature at the top of the category for faster and more responses.

OddJobbers will reply to you directly with their price, direct contact details and how long it will take. You can contact the OddJobber directly and hire them for the job!

I want to Apply to an OddJob

You can apply to any OddJob by registering for FREE. Once registered, you can apply to as many OddJobs as you like for 3 credits per OddJob.

You will receive 1 Free credit when you join and options to purchase more credits as you need them.

You can also choose to feature your offer for an extra 5 credits, this means your offer will appear at the top of the queue!

Once you apply for an OddJob, you can send your contact details and liaise directly with the advertiser.

What is a Credit?

Credits are required to apply to advertisements on OddJobbers will receive 1 FREE credit when joining and are available to purchase as single 1 credits for €3 each or a Pack of 20 Credits for €15.

1 credit is required to apply to a single OddJob and submit a proposal with costs.

Advertisers can also purchase credits to upgrade their OddJob to mark it as urgent, feature the OddJob on the homepage or at the top of a category.

How do I get paid for the job? is simply a classifieds website, once the advertiser has chosen you for the job, all payments and terms are discussed between you both. is not involved in the taking of payments or deposits for work carried and doesn’t take any commission! – everything is done between the Advertiser and the Oddjobber.

I want to leave a review

We would love to hear from you and a review will certainly help your OddJobber  secure future work. This can be done easily in your dashboard.

How do I choose someone?

It’s our job to put you and an OddJobber together. We pride ourselves on providing an online platform where you can post an OddJob easily and get individuals to reply to it. Our platform allows for reviews and feedback from advertisers and OddJobbers to help in your decision making.

If someone offers an amazing cheap price for a job, please be diligent., we are not able to ‘be there’ physically when the job is taking place. Please use your intuition when hiring someone for a job, the exact same process if someone was recommended to you or you found them online or found them on a noticeboard in the local shop. Discuss what you need done, ask for experience and references if required.

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