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Welcome to the Help & Support Centre. Any questions can be answered by our support team, please email: and one of our team will get back to you pronto!

Please find some frequently asked questions which many help your query

How do I register?

At the Register page, you can select if you want to ‘Post and OddJob’ or ‘Apply to an OddJob’ You can signup with your Facebook or Google Account and you account is instantly created! You can also signup with an email address and password.

How do I Post an OddJob?

Once, your account is created, you can post a OddJob for FREE straight away. Go to your Dashboard and select ‘Post and OddJob’ you can do this from the homepage too. You will be asked to fill out some details of the OddJob including the what you need done, location and budget.

How do I Apply to an OddJob?

As an OddJobber, you can apply to any OddJob on the website. Browse from the homepage or by selecting categories from the top menu. Select the ‘Apply’ button and proceed to apply with your deets, costs and how long approximately the OddJob will take to complete.

What are Credits?

You need Credits to apply to OddJobs and promote advertisements, think of it as our currency, our punts!. You will be given 1 Free credit when you sign up and you can purchase individual credits or a 20 pack with 5 free credits! It costs 3 credits to apply to any OddJob.

I have chosen an OddJobber, what do I do now?

Great that you have chosen someone! All you need to do is close out the project or you can keep it active if you want to get more responses. Once selected, we are out of the picture and you can contact the OddJobber directly with your contact details and go from there! All payments can be made directly to the OddJobber, basically we are no longer involved.

Think of us like Tinder for OddJobs.. use your instincts and make sure you have selected someone who will do the OddJob professionally. We don’t supervise or monitor the work and make no assurances as to the quality of the work.

I want to leave a review

Yes! you can leave a review on your OddJobbers profile, they will be delighted and it will help them secure future work.

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